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Pictures of Snow in Nova Scotia, Canada

Further down there are some amazing pictures of Snowbound Halifax.

To see the bigger view of any one of these pictures, give it a click and wait for a few seconds. The big picture will vanish when you click away or click a different picture.

You can't print the big pictures directly. Should you want to print one, right click on the big picture while it's open and save it onto your own computer.

Summer here is quite different, of course. Here are my summer photographs.

...ALT TEXT... ...ALT TEXT... ...ALT TEXT...

When Denise sent me these three pictures on the nineteenth of January I thought that they were black and white. Just a touch of blue in one and a little brown in another proved that they were coloured pictures—it was just that the landscape and sky had been robbed of colour by the all-pervading snow.

Denise said “My sister-in-law took these pics a couple of hours ago in her front yard. They live only a couple of km. from us so our place looks basically the same. I looked out my living room window this morning at my big pine tree and it was laden with snow. It's really quite pretty”.

Snowbound Halifax

As well as being the capital city of Nova Scotia, Halifax is the chief ice-free port on Canada's east coast. In February of 2004 Halifax received more than its fair share of snow. Denise's comments follow.

“Now this is snow... These are main streets in Halifax... you can see why they declared a state of emergency. Three feet deep—or just shy of one meter....and then the wind did it's job piling it up!” (continue below pictures.)

...Argyle... ...Citadel Hill... ...Citadel Hill... ...Grafton... ...Grafton... ...Granville... ...Pizza Corner... ...Pizza Corner... ...A police van, unable to move... ...Prince... ...Spring Garden... ...Spring Garden... ...Spring Garden...

“They were really in dire straits because there is no place to put the snow when it's cleared so they have to haul it away in trucks and dump it in the harbor. For three days, they didn't even want people walking on the street so the snow could be cleared away.”

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